Portfolio Overview

Daily and Monthly Performance Charts

 The performance charts will show your trading and portfolio performance. By selecting a specific bar on the daily or monthly graph, you will see your total profit or loss, which is broken down into realized and unrealized profit.


The performance bars will only appear on trading days if you own at least one active symbol.

Unrealized Stock Portfolio

In this section, you will find the total market value of your portfolio, the unrealized profit/loss to date and the daily gain, which reflects the profit/loss of your positions are based on the previous trading day’s closing prices.



You will also be able to see additional details on your open positions.

  • Symbol: Stock Symbol
  • Last Price: Last trade price of the symbol
  • Change ($): Change in price, dollar value
  • Change(%): Change in price, percentage value
  • Quantity: Total quantity of shares owned by the user
  • Price Paid: Average price per share
  • Cost: Total cost for held positions
  • Day’s Gain: P/L based on previous trading day’s closing price
  • Unrealized P/L ($): Unrealized P/L, dollar value
  • Unrealized P/L (%): Unrealized P/L, percentage value
  • Market Value: Market value of your position based on the last traded price


By expanding a symbol, you will see the details of all opening trades that make up the position in that symbol.



The icon on the top right corner can be used to reorder the table columns to create a customized view.


Realized Stock Portfolio

The realized stock portfolio section will show your year-to-date realized profit or loss and total fees paid. 


By expanding a symbol, you will see the profit/loss for all trades for that symbol.


Taxable Portfolio

 In this section, you will be able to see your year-to-date short-term gains, long-term gains and deferred loss (aka wash sales).


By expanding a symbol, you can view the details of each trade and the deferred loss (wash sales) associated with each.


For more information on deferred loss, please click here.

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