Common User Questions to Ustocktrade Support

Logged out of Account

The most common reason for being logged out is that your account was logged into elsewhere. Currently, only one active session is allowed, therefore, if you log into your account on another device or browser, your previous session will automatically be logged out.


Can’t Login/Connection Error

If you experience connection errors and are unable to log in to your account, please try the following:

  • Try logging into your account on another internet connection.
  • Try logging into your account on another platform (web browser, iOS app or Android app)
  • If you are using the Ustocktrade mobile app, try to uninstall and reinstall the app.


Having issues with the iOS or Android App

If you are experiencing problems with the Ustocktrade app while logged in, please try the following options:

  • Log out and log back into the Ustocktrade app.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Ustocktrade app.
  • Turn your phone on and off and make sure no other apps are running in the background.
  • Confirm that you're on the latest version of the Ustocktrade app.


If you need to access your account immediately, please use a web browser (on a computer or mobile device) to log into your account.


Stocks Grayed Out

There are a few reasons for a symbol tile to be grey and not display market data:

  • The symbol has been delisted from a national exchange. If this is the case, market data will not be available for the symbol. If you own shares in a delisted symbol and wish to sell them, please contact us
  • The symbol has not begun trading. Market data for symbol will begin to update after the first trade has taken place in the market.


Funds or Shares Seem to be Missing

There are a few explanations for missing funds or shares:

  • You may have open buy orders, which block your funds, or open sell orders which block your shares. Cancel any open orders to free up your funds or shares.
  • A stock you owned underwent a reverse split; the number of shares you own can be reduced or be removed completely (fractional shares are not available) depending on the ratio of the split. If this occurs, you may be paid cash in lieu, depending on the instructions of the stock issuer. Cash in lieu payment times can vary and are paid once Ustocktrade receives the funds from the issuer.
  • A symbol is not receiving market data or your stock has been delisted. The value of your holdings is calculated based on the current market data, therefore, if the symbol shows a last sale price of $0, your holdings will show no value.


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